If you are confused about buying and selling Tether (USDT) on Binance, then this article is for you! It’s not immediately obvious how to trade Tether on the Binance exchange, but don’t worry, it’s actually very easy to do. (Be sure to use my referral code if you are new to Binance so you can save on your trading fees: 12029331)

When you click on the BTC/USDT paring, you will notice that there is no option to buy and sell USDT, only BTC. So, if you want to BUY TETHER, then you must SELL BTC. Look at the image below. On the right side you will see the option to SELL BTC. You simply put in the price you want and the amount of BTC, and it will show you how much USDT you will receive if the transaction is successful.

To BUY Tether you need to SELL Bitcoin

Likewise, if you want to sell off your Tether coin you will choose to BUY BTC. This will allow you to move your USDT back into Bitcoin.

To SELL your Tether you need to BUY Bitcoin

Remember, the lower the price of BTC, the more you will be able to buy with your Tether. So ideally you will buy Tether (SELL BTC) when Bitcoin is high and sell Tether (BUY BTC) when Bitcoin is low and make a nice profit.

I love using the Binance exchange because of how fast it is and the super low fees, so if you are looking for an exchange please try them out!

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