If you’ve done a lot of trading on Binance you may have ended up with some partial coins. As you know, Binance won’t let you trade less than 1 coin, even if you use the market rate (which allows you to buy/sell less than the .002 BTC minimum).

Luckily, there is a way to clean up some of that dust. You can sell partial coins for BNB, essentially sweeping it together into a pile you can use again. Note: this will only work for coins that have a BNB pair.

First, make sure you are on the “market” trading tab. Then, in the top right, you will see the various trading pairs. You will need to select the BNB tab. From here, you can select the coin that you want to clean up. You can sell as little as .01 into BNB.

Repeat this for each coin that you want to clean up, and then you can use your new little stack of BNB to invest in other coins. Binance BNB Dust

I hope this helps you consolidate your portfolio!

If you want to avoid getting those pesky partial coins in the first place, make sure you have selected to pay your fees with BNB. You get a discounted rate AND you end up with full coins on each of your trades.

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  1. Katilynn

    Thanks for this Sarah. I was able to consolidate several coins, so awesome!

  2. Cryptodude

    Thanks for wasting my time. This does not work with the coins that BNB list on their trading page. Ven 0.98 refused, WTC 0.080 refused, XRP fractions refused. WTF are you talking about? If you are going to post something then please make sure it s correct.

    • Sarah Ridgley

      Make sure you follow the directions carefully. You have to be on the MARKET tab. I just tried it with some XRP dust and it worked fine.

    • follow the instructions stupid! moron. learn to understand not just read.

  3. This is not true, I m in market tab and I have 0.9600 BLZ , WTC 0.864 this is not working. Dont spread the false news. Even Binance mentioned in there support fractions can’t be sold.

    I read in Reddit and Steem post someone said Binance is working on its possible to convert the dust to BNB coins. But still Binance is sucking all the money from traders. Crypto needs regulations on the exchanges.

    • Sarah Ridgley

      I just sold .06 WTC into BNB. It’s not just the market tab, you also have to be selling WTC into BNB, not BTC. I included pictures, just follow the directions!

  4. it does work like Sarah desibed above. it will not work for all coins since some seem not to be listed in BNB.
    and it doesn’t clean out the dust completely:
    0.9987 of token X will be reduced to 0.0087 after you manually sold that coin in the dust for BNB

  5. Terence Roby

    When the say go to market.. they are saying change your sell to market sell and if it’s a suitable pair it will clean it up.

    • Sarah Ridgley

      You can choose it on the account page. While you are there, you should also check and make sure any API access was approved by you. A recent scam involved setting up API access to accounts without the user knowing, and then they sold off all the user’s coins.

  6. If you do a limit order it doesn’t work. If you do a market order it works thanks.

  7. Tried this method.
    I have the following:
    STORM – 0.00976315
    NANO – 0.00620000
    and unfortunately cannot get rid of it (too small).
    Any other ideas?

    • Sarah Ridgley

      Unfortunately the minimum you can trade even using this technique is .01.

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